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This section is a “condensed view” of my life so far, mixing personal and public events: please go to Job & Additonal Info pages for specific business information.

I was born in 1963, May 24th, in Borgo Valsugana, near Castello Tesino, my home village in Trentino Alto Adige, on the border of Dolomiti area.

My parents decided to move and relocate to various places; when I was three they both found a job in Milano, Lombardia, by far the most important business city in Italy and one of the most dynamic in Europe.

Initially a highly specialised welder, my father had to quit his job because of an accident and found a job as a guardian in a central business building; he was hired by an American financial firm and kept working ther until he retired in 1995; in the same years my mother  took care of us children, even thought she ran a small business.

Us children, I said, because in ‘64, October 12th, a young beautiful small lady had been born, my sister.

Both of us grew up in a loving family and got full support in all our initiatives, appreciation and comfort in beautiful and scaring moments, by our beloved parents.

I attended the public shools in Milan and in 1978 I went to Liceo Scientifico Albert Einstein, a public high school where I passed the pivotal years of my life, the ones I remember as most creative and challenging. I graduated in 1982, the day before Italy won the World Soccer ChampionShip, also the eve of the first Italian concert of The Rolling Stones in Turin, which I attended.

I enrolled into the Faculty of Philosophy immediately after the summer of 82 and, willing to help the family in the financial effort for the university expenses, I started as an administrative clerk in an English financial franchise, Barclays Factoring.

This job lasted 3 years when I moved to another company, Gemina Servizi Finanziari where I held a number of different position in 6 years.

As a matter expert and business consultant I entered the next company, Isefi Informatica SpA of the Credito Romagnolo Bank Group, in ‘92. In the meantime I had completed all the exams need to take a Ph. D. in Philosophy but I abandoned the faculty with taking it. The decision was a bad mistake and I (almost) don’t forgive myself for having preferred job, money and music to this last step.

Music? Yes. I’ve been playing since the teens and there was a moment, exactly a that time, I was about to start a professional career in the music flied , thus spending my time in practicing and playing around.

Anyway, because Informatica Isefi SpA was having hard times in selling its products, I decide to bet for a change and applied for a position in IT at BestFoods Inc, an international food company owner of well known brands like Knorr, Santa Rosa, Helmann’s. For 2 years I had a great time and learned a lot about IT and supply chain.

After completing the redesign of the IT supply chain of the company as a project leader I moved to another firm, Citibank, which was about to launch the credit card  business in Italy. As Relationship Manager, reporting to the South Dakota/Brussels support structure, I participated to the set up of the business involving the Worlwide Cards Platform based in Singapore, then expanding my responsibilities to the role of Cards Operations & Tech Manager.

In 2000, October, I quit and joined a financial start up, MyFin SpA, owned by Meliorbanca and Fondiaria SAI as Operations and Technology Director. In December 2005 MyFin was incorporated by Finitalia SpA, another firm of Fondiaria Group and I changed my role to Credit Director.

Unfortunately my business views and opinions were totally in contrast with founder and CEO’s ones. After 2 difficult and troubled years I decided to enter the garden of consultancy that was flourishing with opportunities at that time, and free myself from that situation.

Since then I’ve been collaborating with medium/big firms as an independent consultant ranging from application analysis to redesign of business processes, from assessment of business needs to integration activities to preparation of company policies. The main partners have been GammaGroup SpA, Engineering SpA, Almaviva SpA and the main clients Unicredit Spa, Intesa SanPaolo Spa, Banca Popolare di Milano SpA.

The reader and the writer of this overview can easily collocate the events on the landscape of our common history, a succession of economic and historical facts which may help to add some interest; it could be the 70’s social turmoil, the 80’s spending habits, the 90’s scandals, the 00’s international scenario, nowadays economic nightmare.

Nevertheless everything in our personal novel is shaped by the principles and the examples we’ve got from our parents and school teachers, and by our own mistakes and self-lessons.

I may ask you to be indulgent and take time to consider the facts I’ve been going through my life having in mind these beautiful words:

“His type of talent is not too common. He has imagination and courage. He will try things and face the risk of failure. This is nowadays a rather rare quality. Courage is suppressed by the pursuit of safety.” (1)

This final and regretful observation serves as a witty and succinct warning against what I would most like to avoid.


(1) Beethoven’s Shadow, by Jonathan Biss, 2011, Kindle Single


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