You can find here below the list of my professional skills and personal goals which may be helpful for your company

Key Personal Factors

Theory is not enough to be a good organization expert. In my career I held various positions in almost all the departments of the companies I’ve been working or consulting for. These companies implement a wide array of different organization models. That’s why I know the practical pros/cons of the various approaches and I’m able to interact with people and make them accept, build and shape their own environment.

From the field to theory and back.

Text Box: Organizational skills

The multirole experience brings a comprehensive and deep understanding of the business environment. As a top executive or middle manager, as well as a Board consultant or operational support, I’m able to evaluate the full impact of day by day decisions ensuring a smooth development of business.

From the  part to the whole and back


Text Box: Business competency

Let’s sail together and discover new  ways to reshape business  operations

My approach to people and business is open and consistent; there is no “not said” or “you will see” in my interaction people and institutions. Colleagues, clients or others receive the same respectful and open treatment  which emphasize the contribution each individual can bring to the common objectives.

From differences to sharing and no way back.

Text Box: Bahaviour and ethics

I don’t start any activities without taking in consideration the cost/benefit ratio. In spite of blah blah’s you can hear everywhere, this approach is not so common in today’s business and sometimes it sounds old and unattractive, blocking the affair’s development in most people thoughts; this is a a key point of the professional management (I stress: any) of my projects.

No good comes from waste.

Text Box: Costs

I do emphasize the need of people’s management as a key factor  of  project’s success. Projects must be driven by example and requires a duly execution of tasks in a controlled framework, something you cannot obtain if people is not following a common path. As a role, I can be project leader or matter expert or analyst depending on the scope and quality of the project itself.

No people, No objectives, No results.

Text Box: Project & people management

There is nothing so harmful for a company than the lack of practical approach to problem solving. I’m a practical and realistic one, thus able to go for big things if they respect all the values I believe in (and which you have read so far). Effectiveness is the word I always focus on, in any moments of my career.

Good comes day by day in small doses.

Text Box: Effectiveness