While attending University, I worked as an Employee in Credit Initiation and Client Accounting; I spent several months in subsidiaries for start up activities and support.

Job description and roles (from last to first):


· Responsible of operative relationship to customers and participated companies.
I reported to the Marketing & Sales Director and:

· took care of a correct and efficient service

· managed the needed actions by coordinating different departments

· pre-evaluated incoming requests of service evolution by preparing with Company’s controller an action plan (benefits, risks, constrains...)

· worked as a Director’s assistant by visiting clients and preparing a medium term budget proposal to start up the new joint venture companies

· Training manager

· Vice Manager of Client Administration

1983—Barclays Factoring / Financial Services

1986—Gemina Servizi Finanziari

The Barclays Italian executives started a new franchise as a spin off of Gemina, the key participation powerhouse in 80’s Italy; the company joint ventured in other companies, mainly in finance and logistics, and sold/lentb accounting and IS services.

Job and projects

Let’s sail together and discover new  ways to reshape business  operations

Job description:


· Organisation analyst in projects with the main customers

· I also managed projects for specific applications, sometimes in joint venture with other software houses, like the first Windows based Anti Money Laundering package ever released as well as the first relational Base II reporting engine on the market.

1992 ISEFI Informatica (Gruppo Credito Italiano)


Informatica Isefi developed and sell IS solutions for financial companies (client/server); the products were sold to great Italian banks (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Credito Italiano, which later bought the Company).

I was a consultant matter expert in factoring and Bank of Italy newly introduced Base II reporting.

Job description:


I drove the rollout of the new Company’s ERP platform for Supply Chain management (BPCS) from the former multi-platform, non-integrated environment, as part of an international deployemt of this package.


After the implementation I took over the responsibility of further enhancements to the package & related processes, mainly in Production, Logistics and Purchasing, with strict and effective contact and collaboration with the production plants and international support structures.


I had direct responsibility in other projects in the IS area; to be mentioned the managing of the applicative side of the Outsourcing contract.


I took part into budget process and operative planning of IS Department.

1996— Best Foods Italia SPA


The company was the Italian branch of Unilever Bestfoods (formerly CPC International Food Company Ltd.) owner of leader brands like Knorr, Santa Rosa, Hellmann’s, Aromat, Caterplan etc.


As an O&T Project Leader I matrix reported to the Financial and IT Directors.

Job description:


Cards Operations Manager, with responsibility for all processes related to the Cards product (Credit policy excluded, selection and management of outsourcers included). I used to prepare the budget and I was accountable for cost control and process quality.


Project Manager of the Cards Convergence Project, which is the adoption of a common Operations platform for all non-US businesses based on a heavily customized version of Vision+ (PaySys Int.). The outcome of the project was the lowest per-card cost in the Cards business.


Other roles/responsibility: Euro & Y2000 projects, Data warehouse, LAN & Security, Continuity of Business plan.


Note: When I left the company I had to pass an individual audit carried on by Corporate officers, due to the position I held in the project at that time and my direct report to the European Regional Headquarters. The auditors found no problems and I was awarded with compliments by the Region Head.  

1997 — Citibank NA Cards


Citibank, at that time the biggest and most profitable bank in the world. The Company was owner of the biggest Credit Cards portfolio in the world having developed sophisticated branding and strong revolving aptitude among its customers.



2001 — My Fin Spa (Meliorbanca / Fondiaria Group)


My Fin was financial company owned 50/50 by Fondiaria-SAI insurance group and Meliorbanca, operating in the captive insurance consumer business; it’s main product was a revolving Martecard sold by Fondiaria’s branches and Agencies.


I was the Operations, Customer Service & IT Director, delegated by the board; I also owned rights on 1% of the Company’s capital.



Job description:


As a responsible for all operation activities, I set up the complete infrastructure of the company, with sites in 2 cities (Milan and Turin) and a distribution network of over 600 working agencies (part of the SAI network). Partnerships with SSB, OCS, Experian, IBM and other key players in the Italian market allowed a fast grow and a reliable service to the customers.

As a responsible of General Services I was also in charge for all contracts with 3rd parties.

2005 — Finitalia Spa (Fondiaria Group)


My Fin was merged to Finitalia, which was serving the same network with personal loans, and Meliorbanca sold his shares.


After the merge conclusion I changed role and became the Credit executive, with direct report to the CEO.




Job description:


Responsible of Credit Initiation and Account Management for Credit Cards and Personal Loans.

2007 up to date









Job description:


In the current phase of my career as independent consultant for financial and banking institutions, I’ve been involved in different and challenging projects. My main clients and collaborations have been:




























Current activties :

Support to Operations & Technology Management for the evaluation, design and development of business application components. Business support in Credit, Administration  and Operations (ProFamily, Consumer Credit franchise of Banca Popolare di Milano Group.). The activity started in March 2011 as a part time activity and consolidate in Winter 2011; still on going.

Past activities:


Redesign of the reporting and database generation for Bank of Italy Reporting (CR and Vigilanza) for the financial companies of the Intesa, a 18 months long project from April 2010 to October 2011.

Support of the ProFamily Credit Department, responsible for drafting of internal regulations and  credit business processes: from December 2010 to March 2011.

In charge of the assessment and preparation of Business Requirements used to select the ProFamily operating platform and contacts with suppliers in pre-selection, from April 2011 to July 2011

Senior Advisor for Banca Popolare di Milano for design and review of Credit lending processes, from December 2008 to July 2009.

Project and implementation of the platfotm for the management of Real Estate for Unicredit Group: process design, definition of the Data Model, relationship management with the representatives of HypoVereinsbank (HVB) and BankAustria. From July 2008 to March 2010.

Design support in project cycle management integrated with Experian credit / OCS at Unicredit Global Information Services. Coordination of the Business UAT activities, starting in May 2007 to April 2008.


Other various spot activities in IT, Operations and HR with minor clients.

Academy Award, Best Picture: Gandhi, Richard Attenborough,

Academy Award, Best Picture: Out of Africa, Sydney Pollack,

Academy Award, Best Picture: Dances With Wolves, Jim Wilson and Kevin Costner

Record of the Year: "Kiss From a Rose," Seal
Album of the Year: Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette (Maverick/Reprise)
Song of the Year: "Kiss From a Rose," Seal

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Music: Blood on the Field, Wynton Marsalis

Record of the Year: "Beautiful Day," U2
Album of the Year: Two Against Nature, Steely Dan
Song of the Year: "Beautiful Day," U2, songwriters

Academy Award, Best Picture: Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood 

Nobel Prize for Literature: Doris Lessing (U.K.)"that epicist of the female experience, who with skepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilization to scrutiny"

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